Sunday, April 29, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Spring tends to bloom with tons of new blog post content. I meant to publish this one before the previous (Tulips and Grass-fed beef), but was so overjoyed by the day that I went ahead posted. Now to play a bit of catch up.

Our loot! from the Sustainability Expo in Tacoma @ the Convention Center on March 3rd 2012
We got:
Light bulbs
Sunflower seeds
water saver timer
(to use to reduce water use in the shower!)
Vegetable brush
a tote
tons of awesome information!

One of the best things we learned while
we were visiting was
about these little guys: 

 photo courtesy of city of Tacoma 

Tacoma has instituted a new program where we get to put food waste into our yard waste bins. We already have a worm compost, but there are certain things that they will not eat. Items include dairy, meat, breads, fruits/ veggies and even leftovers! Though we have not received our cute little bin, I placed the first food in our large brown can.

For next post: We continue playing catch up- Patio Improvements! 


  1. Wow! You made out pretty good at that conference. Good stuff! Have you still not gotten the little brown thingy?

  2. No we haven't, but we also have not called about it yet, either! The Main house got theirs so I think we got forgotten. We just need to call.