Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raised Garden Beds!

For my parents joint Birthday presents this year my boyfriend and I decided to make a raised bed for their back yard. My mom was the first to approach us about the idea for surprising my Stepdad. We took the idea and decided to include her in the surprise (my mom is very busy and was so excited that it had been done for her).

Here is a picture of the bed that we did for My mom and Stepdad.

Here is  the website that we used as our guide and then a step by step of what we did to accomplish the project.

Simple Raised Garden Bed Tutorial with some handy tips!

Other ideas for a raised bed garden, if you do not have access to lumber or tools.

Plastic moving containers (thanks Meme for this idea), wine crates, and/or buy a pre-made one (We bought our first from a nice man at the Farmers' market).

Hope you enjoy and See you next week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mood Board No. 2

Mood Board for June 2011. Enjoy!

 For next time, I have some really good garden related posts (just need the pictures!).

Bonus item:
A new website that I have become a little addicted to and it is Pinterest.
Pinterest= a digital version of my mood boards.  It allows you to pin items from across the web and it does the crediting for you. You can also repin, like or comment on items that others have pinned.  The greatest part is that you seperate each item into your boards (board examples: Food, house, garden, etc.) to keep youself all organized.

I have found this website to be so helpful by keeping me inspired, keeping items I find across the internet in one place and I'm sure for many other purposes I have yet to realize.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brett Dennen and his Eco-Concert

I was introduced to Brett Dennen's music about a year and half ago in the start of my relationship with my boyfriend, Jesse. Brett's music is so happy and upbeat that I became an instant fan. I decided to get Jesse and I tickets to Brett's concert as a one year of dating gift.

Not only was it an amazing show that had us dancing and singing to our hearts content but we were also able to find out a lot of information on Brett himself.  He really lives the messages he sings, how refreshing. He proves this in so many ways but one is by giving all the proceeds of items sold at the show  to the invisible childeren charity. We were told by multiple workers and friends of Brett that he is not a rich man, but really does not care about becoming one either.  His life and entire attitude is down to earth and I feel honored to be able to say that I shook this man's hand and even got a hug!

Please keep up the great work Brett and we are here to support you!

Brett's tour contributions:

  • Using extensive waste reduction and recycling backstage and on buses
  • Stocking catering with biodegradable and compostable products to replace petroleum and paper-based products
  • Eating locally-grown and organic food backstage
  • Using reusable water bottles and water stations backstage for band and crew to reduce plastic bottle waste
  • Using non-toxic cleaners and post-consumer recycled bathroom tissue on tour buses
  • Calculating and neutralizing the carbon footprint from tour buses, trucks, flights and venue energy use by supporting renewable energy

(information above found on Brett Dennen's Site)

Check out more about Brett's contributions here and 

other concerts helped by Reverb to lower their impact at Reverb's site.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Supporting Local Business!

Bonus Blog Post for the week: 

My Mom, Jen Hagan, is hosting a contest on her blog for the entire month of June.  
She is a wonderful knitwear pattern designer 
and owner of the companies Figheadh and Mirth.

Please follow this link and check out all the fun!