Sunday, May 6, 2012

Patio Overhaul Part 1 & 2

 Before this area was just a section of dirt with an old wooden wishing well on it. Our front door is to the right in this picture and the wall only goes about half way up.

Now it is a beautiful little nook to place camping chairs and hang out in the beautiful weather we can expect for Spring/ Summer!

Jesse worked very hard to level the little area by hand. We bought 1'x1' bricks for the main area and had a little room left in the back where we placed smaller bricks as edging. It's not the most professional job for sure but it works great and looks tons better then the original area. No before pictures, I always forget to take them.

PART 2: In front of our little house/ apartment there is a fairly small bit of dirt. We found out last year that the tenants before us had planted bulbs in this area. Come this spring the bulbs sprang up all over this little area making it look really ragged. We knew we wanted to do something with this area and so we contemplated over the winter. 

Upon visiting GardenSphere this past Friday, we made our choices with their guidance of course. We decided to buy wild thyme and two Hellborus plants. The thyme will creep and fill in the space and produce pretty little white flowers in summer and the Hellborus will have blooms in the winter. Then we decided to add the stones to keep the area tidy and help with water drainage since it is so close to the house. Beautiful!  

For Next post: Review of "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan



  1. Both areas look so much better! Helps your outlook for the day when you can see that every morning. :-) Bravo!

  2. Have a great... Thyme! bwahaha! (o:

  3. Thanks fig and very funny Jesse! lol

  4. Good job, the outside is the first impression for you leaving and returning to your current home and can greatly affect your comfort level. Both projects seem to greatly improve the area for you and any visitors you might have, like me sometime maybe. Congratulations. Love you both.