Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Afternoon at Wright

Jesse and I spent one of our last summer afternoon at our local park, Wright Park. We grabbed sandwiches and drinks from our local market and headed over to the park. 

The ducks were getting their lunch too. I am glad I had my phone to catch them out of the water. We are so lucky to have such a nice and well maintained park so close to us.

 Jesse had a little extra fun messing with the seagulls. 

Make sure to visit your parks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning Lessons

I took a week off from my blog for my birthday. It was on August 30th and I turned 27.
I also took a little time off from running (only a couple of days but that makes a difference). I am also struggling with when and how to do my running routine as the seasons change and I lose my light in the morning (Any suggestions are appreciated).   

Last week, I ran once in the afternoon and was left discouraged because the heat lowered my speed and distance.  I tried at night and learned two very valuable lessons: focus and do not push yourself so hard that you get injured. Last Saturday night, I went for a run and was feeling great coming up on 25 minutes I pushed myself to complete the last five and ended up tripping on a raised part of the sidewalk and falling flat on my face. I got three really bad wounds, went to the doctor and have now been unable to run for the last four days and counting. I am very sad girl, lesson learned. 

I saw this pinned on Pinterest today and it had a very different meaning to me.
Need to put this on my treadmill...

Although, the message is true, listen to your body and be safe. 

I have not lost my will and drive to run. I can not wait til my injuries heal, however, my motivation can push me to an extreme. One must be aware when they have pushed themselves too far. 
On a positive note, before my birthday, I completed my 8 week program a week or so early and successfully ran 30 minutes straight on multiple runs.