Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is Here!

I have been a tad neglectful with my blog as of the start of the new year. 2012 has proven to be a very eventful and family oriented year. It had Jesse and I making several trips to Oregon to see his family and friends in addition to the normal routines.

My blog was never forgotten in my mind and I have a slew of posts and post ideas ready to be posted.

To get this blog back full of life I start with what is happening now in the middle April. We, in the PNW, have already enjoyed a handful of gorgeous days and the flowers have started to bloom!

The first Daffodil of  the Season!

In our current apartment, we have a small area of dirt under our living room window that we discovered dozens of bulbs in August when we started digging around in it. Before the end of fall we made sure to replant a handful of them and it was a mystery game. What is going to pop up come spring? To our delight we started getting beautiful yellow daffodils!

Beautiful White flowers!                                                                                                         There are trees and trees filled with these delightful white petals (followers please help identify if you can) and I have no clue what it is but they are so lovely and sweet. Jesse and I walked down to a bar and grill, Parkway Tavern, last Friday and these blooms where just one of the sights we saw. It was a really enjoyable evening walking in the fresh spring night air!

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