Thursday, August 4, 2011

Veggies & Running

Simple Post today, top photo is some of our harvest from our box at the community garden and bottom photo is of a lovely little pumpkin starting to grow. Both of our pumpkin plants have jumped out of the box. Opps! 
image from
I have started my fifth week of my running program detailed in a previous post. I can now run for 12 mins. together and 28 of the 30 mins. total. 

My inspiration picture of the week~~~~>

And a bit about the picture-
"More research led me to K.V. Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon with an issued number (Roberta Gibb had run the race the year earlier, 1966, without a number. She had hid behind a bush at the start). By using her initials, Switzer had gone unnoticed as a woman until two miles to race. That's when Race director Will Cloney and official Jock Semple physically tried to remove her from the race."- The Sew Weekly, Vintage clothing piece

Thank you Ms. Switzer for pushing those limits for us women!


  1. Go veggies and go Nat! Loved the story about K.V.

  2. Sorry I missed this post until now. The veggies are looking good and your progress on the running program is awesome. Go girl!! luvm