Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest is...

                         ...really inspiring me into action

Items that I have seen on Pinterest and have now completed! 
(with review)

1. Homemade Cleaners made with simple ingredients-
No more chemicals!
Pinterest ...          



My Review- I have now used three of the cleaners and can whole-heartedly say that I am hooked.  The antibacterial and the all purpose do great; they clean and maintain with a great smell to boot. The bathroom actually cleans better then store purchased cleaners and gets into the nooks of faucets, etc. and cleans out dirt you did not even know was there.  Awesome!                                                                                                                                  
2.  Home made Laundry Detergent
     & Mine
My Review- I have only made this one and will give you an update when I use it.  However, very easy to make and I even cut it in half because I do not have a 2 gallon pot believe it or not. 

3. Ball Pendant using string, tacky glue and a kids ball

       &  Mine

My Review- As you can see, on this one I changed it up a bit. My boyfriend and I did some cleaning out a bit ago and came up with a entire box full of old electronics cords. Yikes! I took them and re-purposed them. The only change to the directions are to tie the cords end to end and wrap around ball (like a ball of yarn)  and then apply tacky glue all over the cords. I applied 2 coats of tacky glue (ended up using an entire medium bottle of glue) to be on the safe side.  It came out really nice. It's  more flexible but still holds it's shape. Want me to make you one? 

Bonus item:

A painting I completed this weekend, it is the first one completed on my artist's easel that I received for Christmas from my boyfriend. 

This was indirectly inspired by Pinterest. Enjoy!


  1. Good work on creating your own cleaning products and gardening to grow your own food. The greatest advantage in my mind is that you now know what you are introducing into your environment and what goes into the food you consume from your garden. We have all allowed others to dictate way too much in both areas. The painting is beautiful and will look fabulous in your new place, I'm sure. Keep going and going and going..... luvm

  2. Man, you've been busy! I like your cleaner bottles better than those others. So pretty! Gotta get some and make my own. And I should make some of those light balls using yarn!

    LOVE the painting. :-)

  3. Thank you so much, Mimi- Could you see my pictures? There should have been two per item.

    Mom- You should totally make one out of yarn. That would be awesome, I would help ya. And for the cleaner bottles you can see in the pic. I took the sprayer off the bathroom it's just too thick but I put the original top back on it. I have an extra sprayer for you so now you only need two!

    Addition to post my cleaner bottles are glass. I had to search for these and really think outside of the box to get what I wanted. Glass bottles are from our local health food store (Marlene's) and the spray bottles are from Home depot (only a $1 and I recycled the actually plastic bottle)