Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year and New Green Goals

As I look back over this year and think about all I have accomplished I am quite pleased.  Life sure is an adventure and takes you places you never would have thought.

2012 starts my third year living here in Washington state. I am hope full that it will be another wonderfully productive year. So far I know that I get to see family (my sister, her husband and my twin niece and nephew) in Feb/ March, that Jesse and I will celebrate two years of dating and the traditional fun of birthdays and holidays.

As for new ambitions my life has really taken a shift in  importance. A few years ago I was focused on job/ career and thought less about how I could make a difference in this country/ world. Now today my thoughts go more and more to what I can do! I started in 2011 making some real lifestyle changes that make a difference in an area that I have complete control of my home (see my post Look what you can accomplish in a year! for what all I did in 2011). I also started shifting my focus when it comes to a job I am not quite there with what I want so that will continue into 2012!

For 2012, I will continue to do just about everything in the above blog and slowly add more and more.
To name a few:
  1. try homemade deodorant
  2.  try homemade shampoo
  3. try homemade toothpaste
  4. learn how to make soap and homemade bread. (Homemade bread and soap are items that may have to wait as they need some significant tool purchasing to pursue.)
Also, want to shop more locally (it is so important for a variety of reasons) and volunteer.

My view of the world has always been about being more local and community based, but as I get older I really value this in myself more and more. I begin to see all that I am doing that is not in line with my own belief system.

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