Thursday, October 6, 2011

Danny Gregory

Today, I am going to speak on an author that have discovered over the past year,
Danny Gregory. Everyday Matters, is the first of his books that I read.
I stumbled across it  while keeping myself occupied, in the
University of Washington's library, while Jesse (my boyfriend) was doing research.

The next day at work I read it cover to cover. The book really inspired me.
Everyday Matters is about discovering, or in my case rediscovering, your creativity
and learning to work on your skills everyday with all the things that are around you.
I have always struggled as an artist to work from real life, frankly, it intimates me.
From this book, I started to sketch on a day to day basis but like most
new adventures the excitement faded and so did the sketching.

Recently, I have found another book of his and I bought it. This book is titled
The Creative License and really is more of a teaching manual on how to get
your creativity back in your life.

Mr. Gregory's books really spoke to how I currently feel as an artist.
Drawing is really a skill and the only way to be good is to practice that skill.

Below are my first sketches, my "baby pictures" and
I am not ashamed to share them with you.

For more information on Danny Gregory check out his website,
top two pictures are courtesy of his website

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