Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Day Trip

Honestly, before Jesse (my boyfriend) suggested we go to Vashon Island for a day of our 
Fourth of July weekend I had never really heard of it. Vashon is an island that is located 
just north of  the Tacoma waterfront. Jesse planned our day from start to finish and 
we did not need our car!

We live in the Stadium District of Tacoma, which is very close to numerous bus stops. 
We jumped on the no. 11 (at $2 each) and traveled to Point Defiance Park where the 
Ferry was arriving just in time for us. We purchased our "walk on" ticket for just under 
$10 and traveled across the sound.

On the other side, we jumped on the bus (at $2.25 each). The bus took us up the island 
to the middle of Vashon where we jumped off to explore the many shops, the
farmers' market and restaurants. 

Deciding it was time to eat our lunch (stowed away in our backpack), we caught a bus 
to head back down the island to the many parks that it has to offer (no fare needed this 
trip because our transfer ticket was still valid and we had 15 minutes left, eek!)

We had lunch on the waterfront and then headed to the main road to catch the bus back 
to the ferry (at $2.25 each). Once again, arrived at the ferry just in time and waited to 
walk on to make our journey back over the water (the $10 fare on the other side is for a 
round trip!) The last step of our journey was to board the no.11 bus that took us home (at $2 each).

Our well-planned trip ended up costing us $27 total and we did not have to worry about 
waiting for the ferry or parking our car (the ferry alone would have cost us $25, ouch!)
It may seem like it was pretty close budget wise, but the impact we saved 
on the planet cannot be compared. See if you can use your local transport for more of your trips!

Our day was a wonderful, fun filled, sunny trip to a place I was not even aware existed! 
Vashon Island is a beautiful place with extremely nice people wherever you turn who give the 
laid back attitude.

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