Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raised Garden Beds!

For my parents joint Birthday presents this year my boyfriend and I decided to make a raised bed for their back yard. My mom was the first to approach us about the idea for surprising my Stepdad. We took the idea and decided to include her in the surprise (my mom is very busy and was so excited that it had been done for her).

Here is a picture of the bed that we did for My mom and Stepdad.

Here is  the website that we used as our guide and then a step by step of what we did to accomplish the project.

Simple Raised Garden Bed Tutorial with some handy tips!

Other ideas for a raised bed garden, if you do not have access to lumber or tools.

Plastic moving containers (thanks Meme for this idea), wine crates, and/or buy a pre-made one (We bought our first from a nice man at the Farmers' market).

Hope you enjoy and See you next week!

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  1. Good job Natalie and Jesse!!! Wish you could come and see our house and gardens and give me several good hugs. Your new computer and tools seem to be working great as well. You and Jesse might consider becoming Master Gardeners, especially since the program originated in that area. Then you can do all kinds of volunteer work in your area related to parks and public gardens. It isn't expensive to take the classes and it only takes a few weeks and then you are part of a bigger gardening community. Akways proud of you and love you very much.